By:Larm Interview with Joachim Trana

16/02/2010 has an exclusive interview for you here with our drummer Joachim Trana currently on tour with Hot Chip and Casiokids in the UK.

So Joachim you are currently on tour with Casiokids and soon heading home to Oslo to do showcases with both your bands Hypertext and Casiokids on this years by:Larm. Any special expectations?


Yeah I would like to start out with a poem:

Skinny sold a soldier to me
Skinny sold a wife
Skinny sold a suction cup
And a knife :

Hypertext have lately grown from four to six members, what is the reason for that?


I have seen the golden goat, and he would like to lick my throath.

I know he’s mean, I know he’s poor, I know he waits outside my door. :

Bands you planned to check you during by:Larm ?


Jello Jack The Boneless Boy, and Boo Who? :

Thanks for the chat!


My pleasure!


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