How to bake good cakes Interview with Øivind Hatleskog


This month Interview is with Hypertext’s keyboard player and bakerson Øivind Hatleskog, he will let you inn on some bakery hint and tips or “H & T” as he calls it”!

Buns without sugar

WordPress: Øivind what can sercrets can you tell us about the making of good buns?

Ø : Well first of all todays society is very concernd abouth healthy food, so today I will show a recepie without sugar!

WordPress: But how is that possible when you’re makeing buns?

Ø: Well I just discoverd this sugar replasement here in Norway called “Sukketter”, and they are really really super sweet. So be carefull to not use to many when you’re bakeing.

Ok lets start with the recepie:

12 buns

250 g flavour, 1 dl milk,  2 spoons of yeast, 1 spon of dry cardamom, 3 tablets of Sukketter

Mix all the ingredients fast with at electric srewdriver or whatever you got in the house, then let the dough rest for a while.

Make buns and whack them in the oven for about 25 min 200 C.

Enjoy , but do remember these buns can taste a bit different due to the lack of normal sugar.


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