HYPERTEXT – a band based in Bergen and Oslo, Norway – was established as a quartet in 2006. Since then the band have grown into a sextet including members from various other bands such as The Gin and Tonic Youth, Susanne Sundfør, Casiokids and Electric Eye.

HYPERTEXT mixes elements of krautrock, Steve Reich, noise, melodies and vocal harmonies. This have been noted by, among others, The Fly:

“Hypertext – There’s nothing not to like about Hypertext, with all of their little Wilco-esque quirks, expansive, shimmering guitars and soaring melodies. They are excellent. The Fly”


Over the years HYPERTEXT have played many shows in Norway and Europe, among them festivals like Øya, Hove, Spot and By:Larm.

After two albums, ”Corrente Elektro” and ”Astronaut Kraut!”, the band is currently releasing their third full length album PROGMATISM (April 19th). Collaborating with Lars Horntveth (Jaga Jazzist) and Jørgen Træen as well as band members from The Megaphonic Thrift, Susanne Sundførband and Young Dreams.



Anders Bjelland: Guitar

Erik Johan Bringsvor: Vocals and guitar

Annette Kathinka Servan: Vocals and keyboard

Øivind Hatleskog: Vocals and keyboards

Joachim A Trana: Drums

Snorre Lyngstad: Bass



Corrente Elektro” (2007 EmelieRecords/Granat)

”Futuristic Box EP ” (2008 Soundsgold)

”Astronaut Kraut!” (2010 TUBA/Emelie)

”Ivy League EP” (2010 UFA)

”Cantarell ( 2012TUBA/Emelie)


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