And with just one click, in a matter of seconds, our new single Cantarell was available for everybody with the internet.
State of the art

or do you prefer Spotify as your DJ?

well in that case check it out here


This morning we released our brand new single Cantarell in iTunes

Buy it here if you like it



Happy New YEAR!

The next monday our and hopefully your new single Cantarell is released in iTunes, Spotify and Wimp.

Cantarell is our first of many new songs that will be released this year. Instead of releasing one album there will be and new song every month.

And this month we are playing some shows as well.

First stop in Oslo 12 Jan at Revolver

and the day after 13 Jan we are playing at Teglverket in Bergen

Hope to see you one or mabey both places!

You voted our song Ivy League to become our first video from Astronaut Kraut!
and here it is, widescreened HDed, enjoy!

Thank you all voters!
YOU have decided it’s going to be the song Ivy League, and so it is!
The shooting starts in one hour!